Product Page

The Product

Automatically reorder products when items are thrown away.

The Market

People who shop for groceries.

How it Works

We will acheive this through the use of a web app which the residenses will have accounts on. The user will attch their credit card, preferred delivery schedule, and preferred pickup grocery store. When the user throws away an item they wish to reorder, they will scan the item's barcode on a barcode scanner near the trash receptical. The barcode scanner will be connected to a Raspberry Pi which can interface with the server, which will add the item corresponding to the barcode to the user's cart. When the user's prescheduled order schedule triggers, the server will order all of the items in the cart at the time for delivery or pickup.

Key Benefits

Automates the reordering and delivery of commonly used groceries.
Saves the user from needing to search for commonly used groceries both within grocery stores and within grocery delivery applications

Empathy Map

Goal: To save time, To make life easier, To save gas, To automate the monotony
Feels: Overwhelmed, Annoyed
Thinks: "I don't want to go to the grocery store", "I'm too busy", "I want to save some time with my errands", "Oh, I didn't know we ran out of milk."
Says: "Are delivery services too much extra money?", "Does the conveniency justify the cost?"
Does: Goes grocery shopping every week or two, Restocks on staples, Has a routine for weekly errands